Covered in the book

  • How much money you can make

    Tips for finding proven revenue numbers from existing subscription boxes.

  • Coming up with your name and idea

    Ideas for what you could send and how to find a good domain name for your box website.

  • Cautionary tales

    Scary tales of problems you might encounter, not only hypey BS!

  • Setting up your website

    A big chapter dedicated to exploring all the different subscription ecommerce platforms available.

  • Packaging

    How to get the box itself made and photograph it attractively.

  • Marketing your box

    How not to lose buckets of cash on big out-of-control ad campaigns.

Table of contents

Why start a monthly subscription box?

  • Advantages of the subscription model
  • How much money can you make?
  • What should you send?
  • Buying the perfect domain name

Setting up your website

  • Starting with a launch page
  • Idea validation
  • Static site with PayPal subscription buttons
  • Extending an online shopping cart system
  • Subscription e-commerce platforms
  • CrateJoy
  • Subbly
  • Other options

Words of caution

  • Credit card fraud

Getting your packaging made

  • Importance of box design
  • How boxes get made
  • How unfolded boxes arrive
  • Custom printing for boxes
  • Pakible
  • Packlane
  • Sealing your box
  • Inserts
  • Photographing your box

Marketing your subscription box

  • The funnel
  • Customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Keeping track of results
  • Announcing your launch
  • Reddit post ideas
  • SEO & AdWords
  • Niche ad networks
  • Have affiliates do the marketing for you
  • Need more inspiration?

A word from the Author

My name is Bemmu Sepponen, I'm from Finland. After moving to Japan as an expat, I had to come up with a way to make some money to support my new life.

I wanted to start an online business of some kind and was inspired by the recently launched beauty box BirchBox to start sending products to subscribers on a monthly basis.

I decided to start shipping Japanese candy, as it seemed like a unique product that would have worldwide appeal. Gradually membership grew from 0 to 1000 monthly recurring subscribers.

In this book I share what I learned during 4 years of running the business to help get you on the same sweet path.

If you have any questions, my email is

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